About Us

MyGarage247 has been developed by a team that is dedicated to changing the nature of the MOT and Service industry. We believe that garages should take advantage of technology and utilise it with their Customers.

Believe it or not, customers want to find your garage, get a reminder of their next MOT or Service due date, so they don’t get a fine for missing it. Whether this is via a text message, email, phone call or letter, we can handle this for you.

MyGarage247 was born from a requirement in the industry:

Jon Days (Director) – “Like any useful system it was built around demand. My Dad, who has been in the garage industry for over 30 years,¬†was looking for a way to remind his customers at his garage and finding that there was no simple way to do this apart from manually reminding them by post or sending text messages himself from his mobile.

With my experience in web technologies i decided to create a system that not only handled reminders but by going a step further that took care of customer records, booking, planning as well as the reminders themselves. This then lead to a few other garages taking an interest in the system and then My Garage Manager was born, and it’s here to help your garage too.”

We look forward to working with you in the future and to help your garage grow and retain as many customers as they can.

What’s Next: With your help we are looking to be integrated with as many garages as possible as we believe My Garage Manager will not only save you time & money but will also become a valuable asset to you too.